Watch This WW2 'Earthquake Bomb' Detonate During an Attempt To Defuse It

Watch This WW2 'Earthquake Bomb' Detonate During an Attempt To Defuse It

On April 16, 1945, a flight of British Royal Air Force Lancaster bombers and their escorts took off on a bombing run.

A German Kriegsmarine warship, sitting anchored in the Piast Canal, now part of Poland, had been spotted by reconnaissance aircraft.

The boat was seemingly a sitting duck.

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The squadron was armed with Tallboy bombs, seismic ordnance that works by forcefully crashing into the earth and delivering a powerful shockwave to rock nearby structures.

This style of munition was a wartime secret and helped Allied air forces keep up the strategic campaign against infrastructure feeding the Nazi war machine.

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After spotting the ship, the Lancaster pummeled it with explosives. Although not all of the Tallboys hit their mark, the ship was heavily damaged and partially sank in shallow water.

Although it was able to function as stationary artillery,

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