The Ever Given May Not Be Out Of Muddy Waters Just Yet

The Ever Given May Not Be Out Of Muddy Waters Just Yet

Looks like the Ever Given is not out of dire straits just yet.

Reports are saying that The Egyptian government may be seeking damages for the slowdowns created by the ship blocking The Suez Canal.

I would hate to be the crew or the captain of The Ever Given right now.

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Was this whole thing just a horrible mistake or something more?

What will become of the captain and crew I wonder?

Who is going to be held responsible, and what are they going to be held responsible for? Someone is going to have to pay the price here….

Take a look:

Egypt seeks $1 billion in compensation due to Ever Given blockade. However, Suez Canal CEO Osama Rabie didn't specify whom the authority will seek compensation from! Will they Ever get it? Is it a Given? #EverGiven #SuezCanal #Compensation #Egypt

— Nishit Doshi (@NishitDoshi144) April 3, 2021

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