Taxpayer-funded Bronx legal aid honcho blasts Israel, ‘US empire’ for ‘genocide’

Taxpayer-funded Bronx legal aid honcho blasts Israel, ‘US empire’ for ‘genocide’

A director at the taxpayer-funded Bronx Defenders Office sent out an email blasting Israel, the “US empire” and even the NYPD amid the ongoing dispute with Palestinians in Gaza — likening the situation to “sanctioned genocide” against blacks and native Americans in America.

Shannon Cumberbatch, director of Bronx Defenders’ Office of Equity and Institutional Transformation, sent the May 14 email from her work email address to her “anti-oppression team.”

Bronx Defenders has received $262 million in city funding over the past decade to provide services to accused criminals and other poor defendants and citizens in legal proceedings, according to records compiled by Comptroller Scott Stringer’s office.

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The Bronx legal services group was also awarded $25 million in funding from the state over the last decade, records show.

In the email blast, Cumberbatch said Bronx Defenders stood in “solidarity with our comrades in Colombia, Brazil and Palestine who are fighting rampant state violence by militarized police forces that the US

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