Say It Ain’t So…..Turncoat Pence For President In 2024?

Say It Ain’t So…..Turncoat Pence For President In 2024?

Only a RINO loves Pence.

There are a lot of rumors flying around from a number of sources that indicate that Pence may be eyeing a potential 2024 run.

Obviously the establishment loves this, but I don’t think he stands a chance against President Trump, if President Trump decides to run again for office in 2024 he will almost certainly be the nominee.

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Still, I don’t think we should underestimate the power of the establishment or deep state actors. Pence could come back in a big way, if only for a short time, to be a thorn in President Trump’s side.

Take a look:

@Mike_Pence don’t waste your time running for President in 2024. You have no chance. You threw Trump under the bus after he gave you the opportunity of your lifetime. We won’t forget.

— Linda S (@LinSapCT) June 5, 2021

REPORT: Mike Pence Says He and Trump MAY NEVER ‘See Eye to

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