Redditors are now spam-farming Bricks and Moons

Redditors are now spam-farming Bricks and Moons

A new form of crypto-agriculture appears to be taking shape, with Reddit’s “community points” tokens facilitating the emergence of spam-farming.

Reddit’s community points are given to users based on their activity within a given subreddit, with the feature currently activated for the platform’s cryptocurrency and Fortnite communities as ERC-20 tokens dubbed Moons and Bricks respectively.

With the xDai-based decentralized exchange (DEX) Honeyswap recently launching pairings for wrapped versions of the tokens, Reddit users can now farm memes for profit.

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Reddit’s community points are distributed monthly based on user activity. The tokens were initially issued retroactively based on the “Karma” — Reddit’s long-standing site-wide reputational points system — historically accrued by users.

The Fortnite community has demonstrated significant interest in the tokens, with more than 39,026 Redditors creating Bricks wallets since the feature went live. By contrast, 8,910 users currently own wallets containing Moons.

34.6 million Bricks and 35.3 million Moons have been distributed so far. With the former currently

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