Is Biden Paving the Way for President Trump’s Epic Return?

Is Biden Paving the Way for President Trump’s Epic Return?

If President Trump has to run again in 2024, it seems like he certainly has his work cut out for him.

Biden is doing a disastrous job for our country!

This comes not as a bipartisan attack but purely observational.

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Biden and the Democrats will have to defend their record on immigration, inflation, and taxes.

Especially when we compare how the Democrats handle the border crisis with no visits, vague comments, and childishly laughing it off.

President Trump, on the other hand, made recent statements full of truth about the southern border:

With President Trump, putting America first means protecting the border.

And while President Trump frequently visited the border, Biden remains missing in action!

Just today, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich asked Biden to return from Europe and visit the border to deal with the crisis.

Fox News has more on this breaking request for Biden to return from Europe:

“[Y]our administration revealed Border Patrol

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