Federal Judge Upholds Indiana University Vaccine Mandate

Federal Judge Upholds Indiana University Vaccine Mandate

A federal judge recently upheld Indiana University’s mandate for students, faculty, and staff to get vaccinated against the coronavirus before coming back to campus in the fall. 

Last month, eight of the university’s students pushed back against the requirement, filing a lawsuit to halt the mandate.

The lawsuit said that “IU’s Mandate violates the liberty protected by the Fourteenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which includes rights of personal autonomy and bodily integrity…and the right to reject medical treatment.” 

The students also say the mandate violates Indiana law, since it’s against the law for state and local units to require or issue immunization passports, except in certain situations.

In an opinion, U.S. District Judge Damon Leichty conceded that “The university is presenting the students with a difficult choice—get the vaccine or else apply for an exemption or deferral, transfer to a different school, or forego school for the semester or altogether. But this hard choice doesn’t amount to coercion.”

He noted that “Recognizing the

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