BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Outs Fauci...”He was in the pocket of China”

BREAKING VIDEO: Trump Outs Fauci…”He was in the pocket of China”

President Trump spoke with Stuart Varney this morning about Dr. Fauci and let it rip, calling Fauci “in the pocket of China.”:

I always got along with him great, but he was wrong on so many fronts. And there’s an example. You look at his emails. They are really horrible. He was in the pocket; it would seem, he was in the pocket of, we’re all smart people, he was in the pocket of China. The way he pandered to them and the way he dealt with them… So many emails. I’ve never seen anything like it. You almost think that’s all he could do because of so many emails.

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The comments from Trump come after the Biden administration continues their support for Fauci. Jill Biden made an appearance at a vaccination center last weekend to show support. As more evidence comes out, it may be more difficult to support the doctor. Calls for him to be fired are

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