Baanx BXX Token: 100% Increase on Its Debut

Baanx BXX Token: 100% Increase on Its Debut

PRESS RELEASE. BXX listed on the MEXC Global exchange, and jumped from $0.15 at listing, to $0.50, before settling down to the mid. $0.30s- a more then 100% increase over the course of its first few hours of trading. Pools are also now available on Uniswap 2.0 in both USDT and ETH.

Imagine a world where you can borrow for free, remit money across the globe for free, and even earn digital asset rewards from your daily spending- this is the world of the Baanx Group’s platform, a digital assets-as-a-service fintech bridging the worlds of fiat and digital assets. And it is all powered by the BXX token.

Baanx modular platform enables fintechs to offer their users- free crypto lending, free remittance, low cost fiat on/off ramps, physical + digital cards, savings seamlessly integrated into any app or website in days, not months. Also key to the Baanx vision is the ability to spend digital assets as easily as

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