Trump's 2024 dreams destroyed by Capitol attack, say advisers

Trump's 2024 dreams destroyed by Capitol attack, say advisers

President Trump’s exit strategy was clear: Cast doubt on the election result before retiring to his Florida estate to embark on a new chapter as Republican power broker and media star while teasing a triumphant return to office in 2024.

But the violent attack on the United States Capitol and Trump’s role in denying Joe Biden’s election victory have destroyed his chances of running for president again, according to Trumpworld insiders.

The ugly scenes have already had an impact on fundraising. The Trump campaign has not issued an email appeal for cash since 1 p.m. on Wednesday, shortly before the president’s supporters battered their way inside the Capitol building.

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“2024 was always a long shot. Now, he’s toast,” said a former campaign adviser.

The invasion, and Trump’s role in calling on supporters to march on the Capitol, has prompted a string of resignations among White House staff and Cabinet secretaries. Several donors have spoken out against the

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