Report: Some Liberals Have Trouble Quitting Coronavirus Lockdowns

Report: Some Liberals Have Trouble Quitting Coronavirus Lockdowns

Some left-wing Americans are having trouble emerging from coronavirus lockdowns, according to a new report in the Atlantic.

“Progressive communities have been home to some of the fiercest battles over COVID-19 policies, and some liberal policy makers have left scientific evidence behind,” writes reporter Emma Green, who notes that some ordinary Americans of liberal political persuasions have become so committed to lockdowns that they are having trouble returning to normal life.

To some extent, the difficulty in returning to normal life may simply reflect human nature, and inertia. In Genesis 8:14-17, in the Old Testament, Noah has trouble leaving the Ark despite the end of the Flood. Eventually, God has to tell him to leave.

For those who have been able to work from home, shop from home, and enjoy entertainment at home, the lockdowns are simply a new reality.

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Many older Americans, who have been at greater

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