POLL: ‘Riot Zone’ Voters Favor Donald Trump By 2-To-1Margin

POLL: ‘Riot Zone’ Voters Favor Donald Trump By 2-To-1Margin

A new poll from Rassmussen Reports suggests that “Riot Zone” voters — those who live in and around areas affected by recent looting and destruction — favor President Donald Trump’s approach to handling unrest by a 2-to-1 margin.

The Washington Examiner reports that the poll, which, as the Daily Wire pointed out Wednesday, also shows Trump leading for the first time, “63% of voters who have seen violent protests in their community “strongly approve” of the president — just 35% don’t.”

“The survey is the latest showing Trump winning the ‘law and order vote’ as the country sees violence from the protests expand from big cities to smaller communities, such as Lancaster, Pennsylvania,” per the Examiner.

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“Trump’s position is not only winning fans but may also be helping his overall approval rating,” the outlet notes. “Rasmussen, for example, also said that Trump’s approval rating is 51% for a second day. At this stage of his presidency and reelection campaign,

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