Newborn Baby Abandoned in Dumpster Finally Reunited with Dad Who Didn’t Know She Existed


Having a father discover a child he never knew existed is a staple of films and novels, but it’s not hard to find real-life examples either.

For instance, People reported that Jeff Bezos’ biological father didn’t realize his son was the famed billionaire until a few years prior to his death. And while a recent case out of Boca Raton might not involve untold amounts of money, it has proved every bit as dramatic.

According to WPTV, police made a startling discovery on May 8. They found a newborn baby in a dumpster.

It’s horrible enough to throw a baby into the trash. But this infant, who was a newborn, had also been placed in a bag containing refuse.

Fortunately, first responders got to the little one in time and saved her life. A pair walking nearby had heard the baby’s cries and come to her aid.

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