Joe Rogan: Portland, Seattle Need Law And Order Like Texas

Joe Rogan: Portland, Seattle Need Law And Order Like Texas

Joe Rogan slammed Portland and Seattle in his most recent podcast episode with stand-up comedian Ron White, claiming that the people rioting “need law and order.”

“People want to throw away everything that’s there. They just want to break it all down and deconstruct society,” Rogan said,

At the beginning of the podcast, White claimed that Texas, despite its growing influx of Democrat voters, is still “pretty hard right-wing” and is run by a “faction.”

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“The state is slowly changing and becoming more palatable for everybody and, but they’re still pretty hard right-wing faction that runs it all out of Dallas and Houston where all the money is,” White said. 

Rogan interrupted the end of White’s statement to offer his commentary on the differences between Texas and other cities and states.

“But that’s what keeps it from going haywire, right? That’s what keeps it from going straight Portland,” Rogan interrupts. 

“You f-ck-ng need that, man. Those people are ridiculous. You need that. You

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