Iran Debuts 'Homegrown' Rapid Coronavirus Test

Iran Debuts 'Homegrown' Rapid Coronavirus Test

Iran debuted an allegedly “homegrown” rapid antigen coronavirus testing kit on Monday, which officials claim can detect with “high accuracy” if someone is carrying the disease in less than 20 minutes.

The test is the latest in a series of alleged Iranian medical breakthroughs since the pandemic erupted. From untested herbal solutions to camel urine to alleged “magnetic” detectors, most have not found any success outside the country due to lack of performance.

State propaganda outlet PressTV reported that the kit was manufactured by the “knowledge-based” Barakat E-Health Company (BEHCo), allegedly a private Iranian healthcare company. According to BEHCo, the test can return a result in as soon as 15 minutes which, if true, would massively expedite the testing process. Epidemiologists believe accurate quick testing is essential to bringing the virus under control.

While the company manufacturing the kits is allegedly private, the Iranian Islamist regime held a ceremony Tuesday to celebrate its

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