How Critical Race Theory Has Poisoned Music Theory

How Critical Race Theory Has Poisoned Music Theory

Leftism has become extremely prevalent in academia, and it has accelerated. Controversy exploded this summer in a field that, until recently, had very little to do with identity politics: music theory, the study of musical structures and the way people perceive them. At least one professor has been canceled, and an entire area of specialization is being torn down as “racist.”

This political infiltration follows the pattern of other academic shifts, such as the emergence of so-called grievance studies, fields a Federalist contributor described as “identity politics thinly disguised as scholarship.” One of the most infamous examples of this was revealed by a 2018 experiment in which a group of scholars submitted a series of outlandish hoax articles to peer-reviewed journals, many of which were unironically accepted and published.

One includes a chapter from Adolf Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” rewritten using terminology from intersectionality theory. Another journal published a paper about how dog parks are “petri dishes for canine ‘rape

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