German cathedral shines spotlight on little-known St. Corona


A German cathedral has dug out from a treasure chamber its collection of remains of “St. Corona,” the little-known Christian martyr who has been purported to be the patron saint of resisting epidemics.

The Aachen Cathedral had already been planning before the coronavirus outbreak to showcase the remains and an elaborate shrine to the saint as part of an exhibit of gold craftsmanship, according to Reuters.

But it has now accelerated its plans after the pandemic began sweeping across the globe – though it remains unclear when people will be able to visit the display amid strict restrictions on public gatherings.

“We have brought the shrine out a bit earlier than planned and now we expect more interest due to the virus,” cathedral spokeswoman Daniela Loevenich told Reuters.

Corona is thought to have been only about 16 years old when the Romans killed her, probably in Syria, about 1,800 years ago in an excruciating fashion for professing her Christian

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