Far-Left Justice Democrats Already Grumbling Over Biden's 'Corporate-Friendly' Appointments

Far-Left Justice Democrats Already Grumbling Over Biden's 'Corporate-Friendly' Appointments

Since before Joe Biden’s surrogates managed to, let’s just say ensure that he won the election, the far-left faction of the Democrat Party, which is growing in size and influence, was making demands about what they expect from his administration in return for their support.

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Most of them wanted Bernie Sanders as they did in 2016 when the party screwed him over and made sure the nomination went to Hillary Clinton. But they could abide by a Biden presidency only if he enacted much of their left-wing agenda.

But early on, as Biden begins to assemble his transition team and eventual administration (it really sucks writing that), his party’s left wing is already grumbling and complaining about its make-up, per the Daily Caller:

A leading progressive group warned Tuesday that President-elect Joe Biden’s “corporate-friendly appointments to his White House” risks fracturing any goodwill he built up with the left-wing of

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