ESPN's Max Kellerman Calls Trump 'Overweight' During Coronavirus Rant

ESPN's Max Kellerman Calls Trump 'Overweight' During Coronavirus Rant

ESPN’s Max Kellerman called the president “overweight” during a segment about Alabama coach Nick Saban’s recent positive coronavirus test.

Not only did Kellerman go off on the president for no real reason, but he also made the false proclamation that only rich people can get through a bout with the coronavirus.

“Nick Saban looks in pretty good shape,” the Trump-hating Kellerman said on Thursday.

“But if you are famous and rich, and you get a certain level of care,” he said, adding, “The president, who’s also overweight, gets cutting-edge care, and makes it through. But that’s not most people, who can afford to or have access to the kind of care Nick Saban will have access to.”

During an ESPN segment on Nick Saban getting coronavirus, Max Kellerman decided it was a good time to call Donald Trump fat.

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He also went on some weird rant implying that if

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