Elizabeth Warren: More Action Against Gun Violence 'Now'


Democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren is calling for more action against gun violence “now.”

Her calls are in response to the October 6, Kansas City bar shooting in which four people were killed.

Breitbart News reported that police were looking for two shooting suspects following the incident. One of the suspects was apprehended on Sunday, and KCTV reports that the second shooting suspect is still on the loose.

The shooting followed an altercation at the bar, after which the two suspects allegedly left the bar, retrieved handguns, then returned and opened fire.

Warren responded to the incident the day after it happened, tweeting:

The daily toll of gun violence in communities across the country is overwhelming. I’m heartsick for the victims and their families. We need action to end gun violence—now. https://t.co/JMm1WoQ2tK

— Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren) October 7, 2019

Democrat presidential hopeful Robert “Beto” O’Rourke seized on the Kansas City

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