Donald Trump's Judges Fill Immigration Courts

Donald Trump's Judges Fill Immigration Courts

Judges appointed by President Donald Trump’s deputies are filling up the immigration courts, and they have reversed the anti-deportation trend caused by President Barack Obama’s judges.

“Nearly two-thirds (64%) were appointed since FY 2017,” said a report by pro-migration research group TRAC Report Inc.,

Trump has appointed more than 310 judges to the immigration courts that are run by the Department of Justice. Many judges are being appointed as Congress and the administration expand the courts’ ability to process the wave of asylum claims from blue-collar Central American migrants.

Also, many of the new judges are taking the place of pro-migration judges appointed by Obama and George W. Bush. More than 80 judges have quit their jobs since 2017.

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Trump’s judges are more willing to deport migrants than were the judges under Obama, according to TRAC’s data.

During Obama’s term from 2o10 to 2016, each migrants’ chance of getting a

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