Cicada Attacks Joe Biden as He Leaves for Europe

Cicada Attacks Joe Biden as He Leaves for Europe

President Joe Biden was surprised Wednesday when a cicada crawled onto his neck as prepared to depart for his flight to Europe.

After pausing briefly to speak to a member of the military, Biden reached up and swiped a cicada off of his neck and continued speaking. Looking over at First Lady Jill Biden, the president reached up to his neck to again swipe it to make sure any cicadas were not there.

Cicadas attack Joe Biden as he leaves for Europe

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) June 9, 2021

“Watch out for the cicadas,” Biden told reporters before boarding his plane. “I just got one. It got me.”

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The swarm of Brood X cicadas has emerged in the Washington, DC, area this summer, an occurrence that takes place every 17 years. The event has prompted thousands of social media posts from media and political figures

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