CDC Makes Changes to Travel Restrictions in New Guidance

CDC Makes Changes to Travel Restrictions in New Guidance

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is still discouraging Americans from traveling but has issued an updated guidance that eases travel restrictions for fully vaccinated citizens during the pandemic.

The CDC defines people as fully vaccinated once they have passed the two-week mark after receiving the final dose of a vaccine, the agency said in a news release Friday.

“Fully vaccinated people can travel within the United States and do not need COVID-19 testing or post-travel self-quarantine as long as they continue to take COVID-19 precautions while traveling – wearing a mask, avoiding crowds, socially distancing, and washing hands frequently,” the CDC said.

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“With millions of Americans getting vaccinated every day, it is important to update the public on the latest science about what fully vaccinated people can do safely, now including guidance on safe travel,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said.

“We continue to encourage every American to get

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