Calls Grow to #ArrestFauci and #ArrestGates

Calls Grow to #ArrestFauci and #ArrestGates

Q once famously posted that there would come a time when these traitors would not be able to walk down the street without getting mobbed.

And not in a good way.

Not like a “celebrity”.

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More like an angry mob of villagers with pitchforks!

Are we starting to see that come to pass?

Let’s start with Twitter:

Good morning


We all know he help create the virus.

— Sassy Ass Cindy (@CindyKendrick11) May 25, 2021

Fauci admits to US funding of Wuhan labs but denies the use of gain of function. Could he be the first arrest?

— The Real Diana Prince (@wqnder_wqman) May 26, 2021

Let's put on our Shocked face
😱 #ArrestFauci

— AMERICAN BADASS 🇺🇲 (@SWFLPatriot) May 29, 2021

And from the NY Post:

A bombshell new study claims to have proof that Chinese scientists created COVID-19 in a lab and then tried to reverse-engineer

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