Boston barber stabs himself with scissors in ‘very freak accident’

Boston barber stabs himself with scissors in ‘very freak accident’

A Boston barber reportedly stabbed himself with scissors during a “very freak accident” while snipping a customer’s hair.

Steve Silva, 29, was giving a man a trim Friday at Boston Barber Company in Beacon Hill when he lost his balance and fell onto his scissors, narrowly missing his heart, the shop’s owner told the Boston Globe.

“He turned and fell forward, and when he did, he fell with all his weight on his shears,” owner Robert Dello Russo said. “As he popped back up on his knees, he said, ‘Oh my God, I stabbed myself.”

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A coworker scrambled to cut open Silva’s shirt and put pressure on the wound before the wounded stylist pulled the shears out of his chest, Dello Russo said.

“Thank God we’re close to Mass General,” the owner continued. “An inch to the left or right would have pierced his heart, and he would have died on the spot.”

Silva later had open heart surgery

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