America's choice: Build bridges or grow government

America's choice: Build bridges or grow government

We face a pivotal choice for the direction of our country. We have an opportunity to pass a very important transportation and infrastructure bill or go down the path of the most massive level of spending ever contemplated in the history of the United States. We are witnessing the Left attempting to justify a historically preposterous expansion of government by leveraging a crisis that is largely already behind us.

People weathered significant challenges during the pandemic. To mitigate the effects of this crisis, Congress authorized relief spending, much of which provided vital pandemic relief and recovery for hospitals, businesses, and families. This relief, however, added $5 trillion to our debt in one year. As the recovery proceeds, we must grow our economy, not the government.

Democratic leadership has proposed a massive, long-term increase in government spending to finance an expansion of the size and role of the federal government. The Democrats’ plan is dangerous to the fundamentals

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