Vaccine Passports Will Make It Impossible For Us To Coexist

Vaccine Passports Will Make It Impossible For Us To Coexist

Every civilized society relies on a variety of fundamental pillars. The removal of just one of these pillars would result in the collapse of civilization into anarchy.

One of these pillars is the ability to coexist. To live alongside one another, to socialize, to interact, and to share the same spaces — often in compact conditions — without descending into madness.

In order for this to be achieved, it is necessary that we constantly find a reasonable compromise between each of our almost limitless number of varying preferences. In the context of COVID-19, one such example is the politically contentious issue of masks.

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Setting aside the infuriating partisanship of our elected officials — such as some declaring that wearing a mask is a “patriotic duty” while others view masks as ideological muzzles — most of us have found a way to societally survive. For those who are pro-mask, many among us will accept that others don’t agree. For those who are anti-mask,

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