UnoRe Ecosystem for Investors

UnoRe Ecosystem for Investors

PRESS RELEASE. UnoRe, the first decentralized reinsurance platform, is now allowing retail users to invest in risk. This opportunity is a part of the project’s vision to revolutionize the reinsurance industry, one that has been traditionally gatekept, preventing any significant innovation in hundreds of years.

UnoRe aims to take steps towards alleviating the extreme global wealth gap – a typical millennial now holds 41% less wealth than a similarly aged adult in 1989. In contrast, the world’s richest 1% currently have more than twice as much wealth as 6.9 billion people combined. That’s over 90% of everyone else!

The inaccessibility to wealth-generating tools such as reinsurance is a contributing factor to this enormous inequality – reinsurance as an industry has always been one exclusive to the wealthiest factions of society and out of reach for regular investors. Those with significant capital have leveraged this reliable asset class in order to balloon their already-inflated net worth.

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