Trump: Biden Family Criminal Enterprise Makes 'Crooked Hillary" Look Like An Amateur

Trump: Biden Family Criminal Enterprise Makes 'Crooked Hillary” Look Like An Amateur

President Trump ratcheted up his attacks on Joe Biden over revelations in a bombshell report that exposed the sordid details of the Democrat nominee’s reprobate son and a myriad of global pay to play schemes. 

During a whirlwind swing through the critical battleground states of Florida and Georgia on Friday, Trump repeatedly and relentlessly hammered the Bidens over the New York Post expose of the contents discovered on Hunter Biden’s forgotten laptop. 


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The computer was reportedly abandoned while in a repair shop, possibly forgotten by the younger Biden whose addiction to crack cocaine is well documented and who remains an embarrassment to the former vice president. 

During a rally in Ocala, a city that lies deep in the heart of Trump country, the leader of the free world unloaded on the Biden family which he denounced as a “criminal enterprise.” 

Also, in an ironic compliment to

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