TOTO: 8 Celebrities Hardest Hit By Trump Derangement Syndrome

TOTO: 8 Celebrities Hardest Hit By Trump Derangement Syndrome

You could argue Tinsel Town’s Trump Derangement Syndrome began long before the real estate mogul crushed Hillary Clinton’s presidential dreams. Stars like Sarah Silverman and Louis C.K. played the Hitler card against Donald Trump during the primaries, a sad preview of what was to come. There’s nothing wrong with opposing President Trump’s policies or criticizing his personal demeanor. Plenty of conservatives, not the absurd NeverTrump types, do just that. It’s healthy. It’s American. The following stars took their Trump hatred a bit further, though. They epitomize Trump Derangement Syndrome, a fictional name for a very real type of political disorder. You don’t have to be a medical specialist to spot it. Nor do you need a degree in political science to realize the following stars shouldn’t be taken seriously given the tenor of their comments.

1. Robert De Niro

The two-time Oscar winner may suffer the worst case of TDS. De Niro can’t complete a media interview, a practice he studiously avoided for

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