Report: China Arresting Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong

Report: China Arresting Pro-Democracy Protesters In Hong Kong

“Dozens” of pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong have been arrested in a “sweeping crackdown” — the first mass arrest under a “national security law” passed in China allowing Chinese security forces to operate within the city-state.

The Guardian reports that “more than 50 pro-democracy politicians and campaigners have been arrested in early morning raids in Hong Kong, in an unprecedented crackdown by authorities on the opposition in the region.”

“The sweeping arrests on Wednesday morning came without warning, and shocked observers. It is the largest single mass arrest of people under the national security law (NSL), and appeared to relate to just a singular event: the holding of democratic votes,” the outlet continues.

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The Guardian notes that most of those picked up are activists, legal scholars, and aspiring legislators who held primaries to find candidates to compete in an upcoming Hong Kong legislative council election. Those primaries drew more than 600,000 votes; Hong Kong has a population of just

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