Quick-Thinking Semi-Truck Driver Helps Police Nab Murder Suspect

Quick-Thinking Semi-Truck Driver Helps Police Nab Murder Suspect

A big rig truck driver ended a lengthy police chase across Southern California by using his semi-truck to block the pursued pickup truck’s path.

Driver Ahmed Shabaan used his truck to put an end to the two-hour pursuit of a murder suspect from San Diego to Los Angeles, according to Inside Edition.

Shabaan knew the chase was headed his way, so he tracked the driver and placed his big rig truck in the pickup truck’s path. When the pickup came speeding into the intersection, it crashed into the big rig.

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“I put my truck in his way. I didn’t think he would hit me,” Shabaan told Inside Edition.

“Any normal person would see a semi truck blocking his way and he should brake.”

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The semi-truck driver added that he wanted to help police catch the suspected murderer;

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