Op-Ed: Want to Stop Gun Violence? Hire More Cops

Op-Ed: Want to Stop Gun Violence? Hire More Cops

Broadcast news outlets often show horrific footage of a lone victim being bludgeoned because of some actual or perceived political difference, and for extra effect, give the story more attention when the pummelers and the pummeled are of different races.

An underreported component of those stories, though, is that the number of bystanders dwarfs that of the attackers, yet hardly anyone ever lifts a finger to get involved. A prime example is a video of one man viciously beating another to near unconsciousness on a subway train while about 35 onlookers sit idly by.

But do you know who does get involved and breaks up such fights, saving not only broken bones but also lives? The police do.

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Much like how soldiers defend our country, police officers defend our streets. After blaming the former through most of the 1960s and 1970s for their direct involvement in the much-maligned Vietnam War, Americans

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