Nolte: The Gloriously Inappropriate and Problematic 'Life of Brian' (1979)

Nolte: The Gloriously Inappropriate and Problematic 'Life of Brian' (1979)

Quick note: some of you keep asking about my thoughts on Blazing Saddles. You will find those here and here.

Can you believe that we now live in a world where Mel Brooks, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, and Monty Python would be blacklisted?

Can you believe Lenny Bruce, the uncompromising comedian who sacrificed everything to further the cause of free speech and unbridled satire, would once again find himself blacklisted today, but this time by America’s left-wing Hitler Youth?

I can’t imagine life without these giants, and I cannot even begin to put a price on how their work enriches my life. And it’s not just the laughs. Great satire provokes, makes you uncomfortable, forces you to think, and, best of all, it goads you into laughing at yourself, which is good for the soul. I’ll give you the best example I can…

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Thirty-five years ago I only agreed with

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