Nolte: How Woke Killed the Golden Age of Television

Nolte: How Woke Killed the Golden Age of Television

Am I alone, or is all this social justice-woke nonsense destroying what had been a true golden era of television?

We have all this television now. TV is everywhere. There are more TV series out there than ever before, and other than Better Call Saul and Cobra Kai, I look forward to none of it.

I used to enjoy The Crown. The third season was positively brilliant. The fourth season was gossipy, woke garbage, including a deeply unfair (and dishonest) attack on the late Margaret Thatcher.

What happened?

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Granted, I don’t see everything, but I sample a lot, and most of what I sample I shut off after an episode or two. Either it’s just bad TV, or it’s preaching the left-wing religion of Wokism instead of doing what it should be doing, which is either entertaining us or making us think about the state of the human condition.


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