Macron: Europe Leaves Door Open to Brexit Deal... if UK Surrenders Territorial Waters

Macron: Europe Leaves Door Open to Brexit Deal… if UK Surrenders Territorial Waters

French President Emmanuel Macron has told the UK to surrender on continued fishing rights in British waters or prepare to leave without a deal. While Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Friday that the UK should prepare for a no-deal Brexit.

Amongst the several issues holding up progress on a deal, it is the dispute over fishing that has come to a head in negotiations between London and Brussels, with countries like France set to lose out by the UK regaining control over her territorial waters.

“Under no condition can our fishermen be sacrificed during Brexit,” Mr Macron said on Thursday at the Brussels summit, according to The Times. “If conditions aren’t met, it’s possible we don’t have an agreement. We are ready for that. If there are no good terms found at the end of the discussion, we are ready for a no-deal,” he added.

Mr Macron further laid

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