Karl Rove: ‘The Republican Party Is In Disarray’

Karl Rove: ‘The Republican Party Is In Disarray’

In the wake of the riot on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon, Republicans from all corners of the party have been stepping up to collectively condemn the violence and give analysis about the future of the GOP. In a sobering op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, political strategist Karl Rove simply said that the Republican Party is now in disarray.

“President Trump may have been correct at his Monday rally when he said of Georgia Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler: ‘If they win I’ll get no credit, and if they lose they’re going to blame Trump.’ But Tuesday’s election and Wednesday’s mob assault on Congress were stark examples of the destructive reactions the president can generate,” wrote Rove.

As a number of Republicans have pointed out since the November election, Democrats gained in one major, key demographic: suburbanites, whom they’ve attracted, increasingly, since 2016

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“One Trump effect was felt in Atlanta’s suburbs. In Clayton County in November, Democrat

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