Independent Reporter Confronts Klaus Schwab (WATCH)

Independent Reporter Confronts Klaus Schwab (WATCH)

An independent reporter from Japan ran into World Economic Forum Chairman Klaus Schwab on the snowy streets of Davos.

When Schwab learned she was an independent reporter and not a mainstream media cartel member, he wanted no part of her questions.

Schwab, and the other elitist control freaks roaming Davos this week, never answer questions from real journalists who investigate their true motives.

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WEF puppets only take interviews from media they’ve paid off.

They refuse to defend their plans of controlling every aspect of our lives.

Instead, they run away like cowards whenever an honest reporter confronts them.

We saw that happen with Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla when confronted by Rebel News.

WEF: Rebel News Confronts Pfizer Head Albert Bourla About COVID-19 Jabs


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