If You Don’t Want To Use Google’s Biased Search Engine, Try This

If You Don’t Want To Use Google’s Biased Search Engine, Try This

There’s one big question for anyone who believes Google does not provide search results in an objective and politically neutral manner: Why haven’t you changed your default search engine to DuckDuckGo?

The internet has allowed for a democratization of information, which has been a boon to intellectual discourse. Traditionally, internet search algorithms have provided results based on popularity and relevance, in effect creating a free market of ideas.

But this intellectual discourse has been limited in two ways: First, Google began to dominate the market in searches, now accounting for 90 percent of web searches. Second, in the last few years, Google appears to have begun manipulating its search results — especially on controversial topics. This becomes quite evident when comparing Google’s search results to its competitor search engines, such as the more politically neutral DuckDuckGo.

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When we use search engines, there is more at stake than meets the eye. As information science professor Helen Nissenbaum puts it, there

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