House Republicans Demand Dems Answer For Unexplained Trips To Mexico

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House Dems are giving no reason to counter the allegations against them that certain members of their party are stepping over the line when it comes to illegal immigration by coaching them on how to cross into our country illegaly and exploit loopholes to stay in the U.S.

There have already been accusations against Rep. Veronica Escobar – a Democrat congresswoman who has allegedly been sending her staff to the border to instruct illegal immigrants to lie to border authorities that they don’t speak Spanish so they can remain in America.

Following that accusation, more evidence has piled onto the suspicion that Dems are doing sketchy things in Mexico related to “helping” immigrants, including numerous unexplained trips made by House Oversight Committee members to Mexico.

Now, House Republicans, led by Jim Jordan, are demanding that Dems answer for these mysterious excursions.

Take a look at this breaking news that hit Twitter:

Republicans demand details

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