Funeral Home Owner Says ACLU Trying to Use Business as 'Pawn' to Pursue LGBT Agenda


The funeral home owner at the center of an LGBT-centered Supreme Court case says the ACLU is trying to use his business as a “pawn” to pursue an agenda “it has been unable to achieve in Congress.”

The case, R.G. & G.R. Harris Funeral Homes Inc. v. EEOC, centers around former employee Aimee Stephens, who originally agreed to the sex-specific dress code of the establishment but later decided he wanted to present himself as a woman. Stephens was fired, and the ACLU accused Rost of discrimination.

Business owner Thomas Rost said that is not the case and spoke after the Supreme Court heard the case.

“Americans and American businesses should be able to rely on what the law says,” Rost said. “We’re hoping the Supreme Court will uphold that basic right for everyone.

“Our business exists to serve grieving families. There is no time in life more difficult than after losing a

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