‘Finding You’ Is A Laughably Awful Movie Hiding A Beautiful Story

‘Finding You’ Is A Laughably Awful Movie Hiding A Beautiful Story

Buried deep within the atrocious romantic comedy “Finding You” is the story of a dying woman’s quest for forgiveness and a familial reconciliation before her passing. Anchored by a powerhouse performance by legend Vanessa Redgrave, the compelling narrative explores the culture of small Irish towns and the weights of sacrifice and soiled reputation.

Unfortunately, that is not what the film is about, as this storyline only takes up a small fraction of the film’s brutal two-hour runtime. Instead, focus is given to a charmless “Notting Hill” ripoff with shades of “Leap Year,” following one of the most charmless and dull protagonists to ever grace the screen of a rom-com.

For a seemingly straightforward romantic comedy following a normal girl and a Hollywood heartthrob falling in love in a pretty setting, the plot is astonishingly complicated. The abundance of loosely interconnected subplots prevent any from being adequately developed to the point where major storylines introduced near the beginning are dropped

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