Biden Offers to Send a 'Strike Force' Against Chicago Gun Crime

Biden Offers to Send a 'Strike Force' Against Chicago Gun Crime

President Joe Biden offered to send a “strike force” into Chicago Thursday in order to help Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) stem the tide of shootings occurring daily in the city.

ABC 7 reports that a “strike force” would focus on gun trafficking.

Lightfoot responded to Biden’s offer by saying, “My hope and expectation is that they’re going to be coming relatively soon. I’ve made not secret of the fact that this is a matter of incredible urgency and I think the president’s plan is to make a difference in localities like Chicago this summer.”

On July 7, 2021, the Chicago Tribune noted that the city has witnessed 2,021 shooting victims this year. That figure represents victims in fatal and non-fatal incidents combined.

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The Tribune maintains a second table of data focused solely on homicides, and it shows that 364 have been killed in Chicago so far this

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