Almost 20% Of New York Millennials Blame Jews For The Holocaust

Almost 20% Of New York Millennials Blame Jews For The Holocaust

Nearly 20% of New York’s Millennials and Gen Z believe the Jewish people are to blame for The Holocaust, a nationwide survey released Wednesday found.

While The Holocaust resulted in over 11 million deaths, 36% of respondents under age 39 believed the total death count of Jews was “two million or fewer,” according to a nationwide survey of young people by the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also known as the Claims Conference.

Over 60% of respondents were unaware that six million Jews were murdered. Among those who were aware of the death toll, 48% were unable to name any of the 40,000 concentration camps or ghettos people were forced into during World War II. 

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Nearly half of Millennials and Gen Z had seen some form of Holocaust denial on social media, the survey found. In Nevada, 70% of respondents have encountered Nazi symbols either online or in their community, and an overwhelming majority of those surveyed, 80%, believe that Holocaust education should be taught in the classroom to help avoid a repeat of history. (RELATED: Facebook Recommends Holocaust Denial Content)

On the day of reports that 2/3 of Americans are completely unaware

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