#WalkAway Campaign, Other Trump Activists Purged from Facebook

#WalkAway Campaign, Other Trump Activists Purged from Facebook

In addition to banning President Donald Trump, social media companies are purging grassroots activists and organizers from their platforms as well, in what has become the widest-reaching big tech crackdown to date.

The Facebook page of the #WalkAway Campaign, a movement started by former liberal Brandon Straka to encourage Democrats to “walk away” from the party, was permanently banned by Facebook shortly before President Trump was banned by Twitter.

In a comment, Straka told Breitbart News that his page only posted testimonials of liberals who were leaving the left, and did not glorify the storming of the capitol last week.

The page had over 500,000 followers at the time of its ban and was a major hub of conservative grassroots activity.

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On Twitter, Straka criticized Republicans for their silence on the issue.

Thank you so much to all our Republican senators, who claim that social media censorship is an

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