Trump’s Support Is More About Policies Than Personality

Trump’s Support Is More About Policies Than Personality

Anti-Trump “conservatives” such as the Lincoln Project, former Rep. Justin Amash, and more recently Rep. Liz Cheney all have something in common. They almost always attack the president’s tone or personal actions and almost never his administration’s actions and policies. This isn’t an accident. It is because in many cases they do not share Trump’s policy preferences, but those policies are far more popular with voters than theirs are.

On issues such as global trade, aggressive opposition to China, ending foreign wars, growing American manufacturing, securing the border, and using government to fight the culture wars, Trump has transformed the Republican Party. Trump is not a Chamber of Commerce Republican; in fact, the Chamber denounced him this week and threatened donations to pro-Trump Republicans. Like most things, this decision was all about money and power, not about any dedication to democracy.

The hope for this small but very influential group of Republicans and former Republicans over the last four

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