Trader Warns: “Be Scared” Going To Bed Without Spot Bitcoin Exposure

Trader Warns: “Be Scared” Going To Bed Without Spot Bitcoin Exposure

Bitcoin’s bull run could very well be here, but with the pandemic and the coming election, there’s so much risk in the air. However, one crypto trader says that they’d be more “scared” going to sleep at night without holding spot BTC at this point, than not.

Here’s why the crypto trader claims that it’s a far more frightening nightmare to watch the bull market take off without you than risking a little downside.

Investor Nightmare: “Be Scared” To Sleep On The Next Bitcoin Bull Run

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The run-up in 2017 in Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrencies, was the stuff dreams were made of, and fortunes followed.

Any time after that, it has been a nightmare owning these same assets, and riding the rollercoaster of a bear market has left investors losing many hours of sound sleep.

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