THIS Is Why I Have Not Covered The Simon Parkes Videos

THIS Is Why I Have Not Covered The Simon Parkes Videos

Ok, let’s talk Simon Parkes.

I have seen his videos being shared EVERYWHERE online.

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Everyone is talking about Simon Parkes.

My own mother was asking me if I’d seen the Simon Parkes video.

My response?

I saw it.

I watched a few minutes of it.

And it didn’t sit well with me.

Something felt off.

Call it intuition…..

Call it the Holy Spirit guidance….

Call it whatever you want, but even as everyone was blowing up my inbox with this guy’s video, it didn’t sit right with me.

And I’ll tell you why below.

But in case you haven’t seen it yet, this is the video everyone was talking about:

And then this one today:

So if you watch those, they sound great!

They are telling you everything you want to hear!

Maybe……too good?

Well, I purposely held off covering those videos and today I received the confirmation of why.

The man is

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