The Liz Cheney Media Gaslighting Is Neverending

The Liz Cheney Media Gaslighting Is Neverending

“More money, more problems,” reads the title of a Wednesday Politico article about the two most vocal anti-Trump congressmen in the Republican Party.

“Exile in the House GOP,” it begins, “is proving extremely lucrative for Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger.”

How lucrative? Cheney, we learn, raised “close to $1.9 million in the last quarter, bringing her to nearly $3.5 million total this year,” blowing past her 2020 haul. Kinzinger also outdid his 2020 numbers, which had never topped $350,000 a quarter, raising $1.1 million.

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Seems like a lot of money! Politico’s homepage editor certainly thought so, or at least believed the anti-Trump clicks of their readers justified an above-the-fold placement at the top of the site. Republicans beware! But how does it stack up?

For the sake of comparison, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy raised $43.6 million, or more than 12 times Cheney’s war chest. Funny enough, he gave more money away to the National Republican Congressional Caucus than

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