The Election Week winner? Alcohol

The Election Week winner? Alcohol

When several media outlets declared Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 election last Saturday, Manoj Uppal didn’t think anything of it. But shortly thereafter, dozens of customers began flooding into his liquor store, Barrett Liquors in Louisville, Kentucky, all with the same idea: They were going to celebrate.

Uppal’s store, like thousands of other liquor stores across the country, had a hard time keeping Champagne on the shelves that night, according to multiple reports. “The best way to put it is it was like New Year’s Eve,” John Johnson, the sommelier and owner of the Wine Rack in Crescent Hill, Kentucky, told the Courier Journal. “It was a really fun day to be working and watch that.”

Alcohol sales spiked well before Biden was declared the projected winner, though. Heading into Election Day, searches for “liquor stores near me” reached record highs, according to Vox. Drizly, an alcohol delivery company, said it saw

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